Young Church

Sunday Club

Youth @ St John’s

Mid-week Club Restarts 7th September
Wednesdays @ 6pm-7pm

A youth club for 8 to 11 year olds.

Wednesday Evenings

Ashton Hayes Vicarage
14 Dunns Lane.

Midweek club restarted last term and our chosen theme was “crosses from around the world”. For each cross that we explored, we made our own version and listened to stories linked to those countries. One of the favourite sessions was when we tried different foods from some of those countries – the nachos and salsa lasted about 2 minutes!

We did a scavenger hunt and quiz where we discovered lots of things we never knew about our church. We played lots of games too, including putting a tennis ball in a pair of tights, put them on our heads and trying to knock over skittles!

One of the most important things we’ve talked about is being kind to each other, this led to us making posters with words of support and kindness and posting them around the village for people to take if they felt they needed it.

We had a party on the recreation ground to celebrate the end of term, we played lots of games and of course, had fish & chips from Ed’s van.

Next term we are starting a new programme with lots of new stories, crafts and games, we’re even going to build our own street! All will be revealed later in the term 😉.

Midweek club starts again on Wednesday 7th September, 6-7pm at the vicarage, and is open to anyone aged 7-11.

For more information contact
David Lamb 01829 751440,
Debbie Groom 07971 047883 or
Philip Goodall 01829 752130