Reordering Project

St.John’s building project is now complete! Construction work began in church in mid-February 2020. The overall aims of our exciting reordering were:

  1. To create a space which is more suited to the needs of a congregation in the 21st Century for worship and ministry. Comfort and flexibility of use feature high in these requirements.
  2. To create a space which is more suited to the needs of the community at large for holding meetings and events.
  3. To extend the life of the building as a community asset.

Our construction works included the introduction of toilet and kitchen areas, plus a new oak floor with underfloor heating. We have also been able to add glass screening to our chapel area, undertake vestry refurbishments and install modern audio-visual equipment. The final additions were the purchase of new chairs and the installation of a new glass front door.

We would like to express our gratitude to our main contractors (Cartwright Pond), our carpenters (Cheshire Woodworking), and our audio-visual suppliers (Audioworks) for all their hard work. And thank you to members of our community and grant-making bodies whose generosity helped bring our vision to reality!