Michael Grogan

Appendix    Michael Grogan      (Second World War Casualty; see also Appendix ‘City of Pretoria’ )

CWGC record:

GROGAN, MICHAEL JOSEPH Gunner 11277071 03/03/1943 35 Royal Artillery United Kingdom 74, 2. CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL

Son of Bernard and Mary Grogan, husband of Bridget Mary Grogan of Tarvin Cheshire

The parents:  Bernard Grogan married Mary Corcoran  1906, Carlow, Ireland1


Birth: Michael Joseph Grogan  Mar Q 1908 Carlow Ireland2


1911 census Ireland:  House 7 in Rathnapish Road (Carlow Rural), Carlow:

Kate Corcoran    48            Head of Family                     Roman Catholic

Mary Grogan     25              Daughter                                 Roman Catholic

Michael Grogan  3             Grandson                                Roman Catholic

Kate Grogan           1             Granddaughter                    Roman Catholic

[there were others in the household who I have not recorded]


1939 Register:  at Old Farm Cottage, Ashton, Tarvin RD:

Michael Grogan                  Born 16.1.1908                  Farm Labourer

Bridget M Grogan6                       10.8.1908  Domestic Duties

Bernard Grogan                             10.1.1934

Michael Grogan                             27.6.1937


The above children:

Bernard Grogan: born Mar Q 1934, Kilkenny, Ireland (mother’s maiden name: Ryan)3,5

Michael Grogan: born Sept Q 1937, Cheshire (mother’s name Ryan)4,5


UK Army Roll of Honour 1939-45:

Michael M Grogan  Gunner 11277071, born Eire, Residence: Chester,  died 3.3.1943 at sea

[NB Initial M – apparently an error]


Crew list of Ships hit by U-Boats:

Michael Joseph Grogan born Carlow died  4 March 1943 (aged 35)

11277071 6/3 Maritime Regiment, Royal Artillery; son of Bernard and Mary Grogan, husband of Bridget Mary Grogan of Tarvin, Cheshire

Ship: ‘City of Pretoria’  Steam Merchant, attacked on 4 Mar 1943 by U-Boat U-172

[this is clearly the right man, but date of death differs by one day from that in CWGC record]



1               Marriage Dec Q 1906 (Carlow 3 311)

2               Birth: Mar Q 1908 (Carlow 3 316)

3               Birth: Mar Q 1934 (Kilkenny 3 309)

4               Birth: Sept Q 1937 (W Chester 8a 581)

5               I can’t find the marriage of Michael Grogan and Bridget Mary Ryan (presumably in Ireland)

6               Bridget Mary Grogan was buried 8.8.1983 at Tarvin, aged 74