1908 – 1928

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This photograph, taken some time between 1908 (donation of the new pulpit) and 1928 (installation of electric lighting), is particularly significant because it shows features of the church which have long been lost or modified. The other photographs on this page zoom into areas of particular interest.

There have been numerous changes in the sanctuary of our church. The East Window for example is presumably the original which was replaced by the Johnson family in 1932. Notice also the intricate painted decoration adorning the east wall.

The oil lamps, which were used to light the church, were finally replaced by electric lights in 1928 and provides a final ‘date stamp’ for this photograph being taken.

This section of the picture shows the reredos which has pinnacles and partially obscures the East Window (possibly the reason it was later replaced) and the intricately carved panelling along the base of the East Wall which has also been removed.

The Altar, which is shown here covered, was replaced by a larger carved altar in 1932. The altar rail, which would have been the original, has been replaced but a section of it still exists in the north-east corner of the North Aisle.

A faculty documents that the pulpit was moved from the north side of the nave to this position in the south-east corner in 1899 however, the detail on the panels in this photograph clearly show that this is the pulpit which is in church today and was donated in 1908. Notice the intricately carved ‘fins’ supporting the top of the pulpit which no longer exist. It would appear that these must have been removed to avoid obstructing the new doorway, installed in 1931, to provide access to the new clergy vestry.

Prior to the other photograph available on this site, attributed to the period 1933-1936, two figureheads, which appear to be in the form of angels, were removed from the chancel arch. The reason for this change does not appear to have been documented.

This section of the photograph shows the east end of the North Aisle before the Chapel of the Holy Spirit was constructed in memory of Major Ernest Johnson.

Notice the small door which gave access to, what was then, the clergy vestry, the full length window above and the tablets either side of the window which bore the 10 Commandments.

This area has obviously been heavily modified since the picture was taken and the tablets have been lost.