A Bible for the Solomon Islands

When David Lamb first became vicar of Ashton Hayes the PCC held a discussion to decide which version of the Bible we should use in church. We eventually decided that we should use a modern version which was accessible to everyone and we chose the New International Version (Anglicised Edition). New ‘Pew’ versions were purchased and, thanks to a bequest, we also purchased a new ‘Lectern’ Bible: this meant that the older but perfectly serviceable Good News Bible which adorned our lectern was surplus to requirements. For a while the redundant book simply lay unused in the vestry but then David suggested that we may like to donate it to another church or group who had need of it. After much consideration, it was decided that it should be offered to the Anglican province of Melanesia, which has had links with the Diocese of Chester since 1988.

Since that decision was made, our Bible has been dispatched and is now in regular use in the Cathedral of St Barnabas which is in Honiara in the Solomon Islands.

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