March Newsletter

A View from the Vicarage

At one church where I used to work, someone broke into the building and forced open a metal box on the wall where gifts of money were placed. The tool they used to force it open was one of the metal crosses from the church. The cross was left behind twisted and bent, but it was decided to leave it as it was, as a reminder that on the cross Jesus died for all – including the thief.

The cross is at the heart of Christian faith. Many churches are built in the shape of a cross and there are crosses inside. On Palm Sunday we distribute crosses made of palm leaves. Many people wear a cross, either as a sign of faith or simply as an item of jewellery. Although it is a strange choice for an ornament – an instrument of cruel torture and death.

People who look to the cross as the heart what they believe can seem foolish to those who are only interested in getting on, competing, trying to be successful. Indeed, the Apostle Paul said that the crucified Christ he preached was “foolishness” to many (1 Corinthians 1:28-25). Yet Christians believe that in that act of “foolishness” Jesus revealed the full extent of God’s love for us

This Good Friday (25th March), we are going to hold a WALK OF WITNESS, starting at 10.30 a.m., from St Cuthbert’s Church in Mouldsworth to St John’s Church. Christians of different churches brought together by their common faith in the cross of Christ. There will be some prayers on the way and we will encourage people to take their Palm Crosses with them. Perhaps you would like to join in this act of foolishness, but also of love and hope?

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